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60-Acre Solar Farm Offers Benefits of Renewable Power to Owen Electric Members

Left to right, OEC Board Member Alan Ahrman (District 4), East Kentucky Power CEO Tony Campbell, and OEC CEO Mark Stallons prepare to break ground on the Cooperative Solar Farm.

60-Acre Solar Farm Offers Benefits of Renewable Power to Owen Electric Members

Construction is under way on a 60-acre solar farm in Kentucky, and Owen Electric Cooperative’s members will have an opportunity reap the benefits for their home or business.

Owen Electric and the 15 other co-ops of Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives are partnering to build the not-for-profit Cooperative Solar Farm One, which will feature 32,300 solar panels when it is completed in November.

“Cooperative Solar is an ideal opportunity for Owen Electric’s member to reap the benefits of renewable solar energy without the hassles of installing and maintaining solar panels on your home,” said Mark Stallons, President and CEO.

The electric cooperatives gathered last week to celebrate the ground-breaking for the solar farm.

For a one-time payment of $460 per panel, participating members will receive a 25-year license for a panel. That means they will get credit on their monthly power bill for the value of the energy generated by their share of the solar farm. And they can monitor panel performance online.

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