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Annual Sample Meter Testing to Begin


Owen Electric Cooperative is required to follow all the rules and regulations prescribed by the Public Service Commission. Part of that responsibility is to randomly sample and test meters for accuracy that are actively in service.

Anixter, Inc is under contract with Owen Electric to field test all the meters that were randomly selected this year.

The meter will be fully tested on site and immediately returned to service after the test. The meter will only be returned to service if it successfully meets or exceeds all the requirements set forth by the Public Service Commission of Kentucky. There are no additional fees or charges associated with this test. Please contact Owen Electric Cooperative for further information or questions, 1-800-372-7612

****Anixter, Inc employees conducting the test will have an Owen Electric Contractor ID badge and name printed for verification as well as magnetic decals on their vehicles identifying them as 'Contractor for Owen Electric.' See photos for contractors.

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