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Schedule I

Schedule 1 - Small Commercial

For Commerical members whose service requirement does not exceed 50 KW in demand.

Applicable - to the entire territory served

Available - to all commercial, industrial, and three-phase farm service under 50 KW for all uses, including lighting, heating and power.

Types of Service - Single-phase and three-phase, 60 cycle at available secondary voltage.

Customer Charge: $25.00           All kWh: $.08388

Minimum Charge - Under the above rate shall be $.75 per KVA of installed transformer capacity. Where it is necessary to extend or reinforce existing distribution facilities, the minimum monthly charge may be increased to assure adequate compensation for the added facilities.

Terms of Payment - The above rate is net, the gross being ten percent higher. In the event the current monthly bill is not paid within fifteen (15) days from the date bill was rendered, the gross charge shall apply.

(The monthly kilowatt hour usage shall be subject to plus or minus and adjustment per KWH determined in accordance with the 'Fuel Adjustment Clause.')


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