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Schedule V

Schedule V - Green Power Rate

This is an option available to all rates and classes of customers. This option provides the member with the ability to purchase a portion or all of their kWh usage from renewable sources that may be considered more environmentally friendly.

STANDARD RIDER - This Renewable Resource Power Service is a rider to all currently applicable rate schedules. The purpose of this rider is to provide the consumer with a renewable source of energy that may be considered more environmentally friendly.

A. Applicable - to the entire territory served.

B. Available - This schedule shall be made available to any consumer
in the following listed block amounts:

100 kWh Block (Minimum size) or Greater

AND where the consumer will contract with the Cooperative to purchase these blocks under this Retail Rider.

C. Agreement - An "Agreement for Purchase of Renewable Resource Power" shall be executed by the consumer prior to service under this schedule.

D. Rates - The monthly rate for this service will be a renewable power premium, i.e. an added charge, for all renewable power supplied to the customer. The renewable power rate premium will be as provided below:

$0.0275 per kWh or $2.75 per 100 kWh Block

This rate is in addition to the regular retail rates for power.

E. Billing and Minimum Charge - Blocks of power contracted for under this tariff shall constitute the minimum amount of kWhs the customer will be billed for during a normal billing period. For all power purchased in excess of the contracted Renewable Resource amount, the customer shall be billed at the normal rate for that class. For periods shorter than a normal monthly billing cycle (i.e. termination of service and final bill of a service) and actual kWh use is less than the contracted Renewable kWh amount, the customer shall pay for the full monthly block of kWhs originally contracted for.

F. Terms of Service and Payment - This rider tariff shall be subject to all other terms of service and payment of the applicable tariffs to which it is applied for each customer.

G. Conditions of Service - The rate granted under this Retail Rider shall be supported by one (1) year contracts between the customer and the cooperative.

This tariff is subject to the Energy Emergency Control Program as filed with the Kentucky Energy Regulatory Commission ( now the Public Service Commission) on February 23, 1981, in Administrative Case No. 240, and as approved by the Commission Order of March 31, 1981.

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