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Schedule VIR

Voluntary Interruptible Service

This is a rate option rider available to members who are on kW demand rates and are capable of interrupting at least 1,000 kW or more upon request. Interruptions are voluntary on the part of the member. Credits for interruptions occur only when actual interruptions occur and vary with market prices.

A. Standard Rider - This Voluntary Interruptible Service is a rider to Rate Schedules 2, 2A, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.

B. Applicable - to the entire territory served. No interruptible demand which is already under contract under any other Interruptible Rider is eligible for this service.

C. Available - This schedule shall be made available to any load center, to any cooperative member where an ultimate "Customer" is capable of interrupting at least 1,000 kW upon request and has contracted with the Cooperative to do so under a retail contract rider.

D. Conditions of Service

1) Any request for interruption under this Rider shall be made by the Cooperative.
2) Each interruption will be strictly voluntary.
3) No responsibility of any kind shall attach to the Cooperative for, or on the account of, any loss or damage caused by, or resulting from, any interruption or curtailment of this service.
4) The Customer shall agree by contract to own , operate, and maintain all necessary equipment for receiving electric energy and all telemetering and communications equipment, within the Customer's premises, required for interruptible service.
5) It is the Cooperative's responsibility to notify the Customer and execute an interruption request. Therefore, the Cooperative and the Customer shall mutually agree upon the manner by which the Cooperative shall notify the Customer of a request for interruption. Such an agreement shall include the means by which the Cooperative shall communicate the interruption request (e.g. e-mail, phone, pager,etc.) and the Customer's point of contact to receive such a request.
6) The Cooperative will attempt to provide as much advance notice as possible for requests for interruption. However, upon the Customer's acceptance of the Terms of Interruption, the Customer's load shall be interrupted with as little as one (1) hour of advance notification.
7) The Cooperative reserves the right to require verification of a Customer's ability to interrupt its load.
8) The Customer is not eligible for the Interruption Credits for any interruption when the Customer's interruptible load is down for other reasons during the period of the requested interruption. Such down time would include any event outside of the Customer's normal operating circumstances such as planned or unplanned outages due to renovation, repair, vacation, refurbishment, renovation, strike, or force majeure.
E. Interruptible Customer Data Report

The Customer shall furnish to the Cooperative an Interruptible Customer Data Report. Such a report shall include information such as:

1) The maximum number of hours per day and the time of day that the Customer has the ability to interrupt.
2) The maximum number of days and the maximum number of consecutive days that the Customer has the ability to interrupt.
3) The maximum interruptible demand and the minimum interruptible demand by the Customer upon request.
4) The minimum price at which each Customer is willing to interrupt.
F. Demand and Energy Interruption

The Customer will agree by contract, within an agreed time after receiving notice, to comply to the extent possible with the Cooperative's request to interrupt load.

The Cooperative is the sole judge of the need for interruption of load. The Cooperative is the sole judge of the amount of interruptible demand provided by the Customer, based on the following calculation:

The average of the integrated fifteen-minute demand for the two hours prior to the hour immediately preceding the call for interruption will be used as the basis for establishing the existing demand level. The hourly interruptible demands for each customer will be the difference between the existing demand level and the actual demand measured during each hour of the interruption period. The interrupted energy of each interruption period shall be the sum of the hourly interrupted demands. These type of interruptions will cover a period of no more than six hours.

For interruptions longer than six hours in duration, the Customer's average load usage for the same hours as the interruption hours in the two preceding business days prior to the day of notice will be used as the basis for determining the demand level for interruption. The average hourly usage for these business days, based on the average integrated fifteen minute demand intervals, minus the actual load during the interruption period will equal the amount of interruptible load. The interrupted energy of each interruption period shall be the sum of the hourly interrupted demands.

G. Terms of Interruption

For each interruption request, the Cooperative shall identify the Customer to be interrupted. The Cooperative shall inform the Customer of an interruption request in accordance with the agreed upon method of notification. The Terms of Interruption shall include the following:

1) The time at which each interruption shall begin is to be established by the Cooperative. At least one (1) hour of advance notice of each request for interruption shall be provided by the Cooperative.
2) The duration in clock hours of the interruption request is to be established by the Cooperative.
3) The price and the potential savings - this savings will be determined by the Cooperative on a case-by-case basis and will be based on a percentage of the market price of power at the time of the interruption.
4) The Customer shall specify:
a. The maximum demand in kW that will be interrupted.
b. The maximum firm demand that the Customer will purchase through the Cooperative during the interruption.
H. Interruption Credits

The interruption credit for each interruption period shall be equal to the interrupted energy kWh times the amount by which the quoted price for each interruption exceeds the Customer's regular tariff rate. The sum of the interruption credits for the billing month will be allocated as follows:

The interruption credit to the Customer shall be equal to the product of the interrupted energy multiplied by the interruption price for each interruption.

I. Failure to Interrupt

For those Customers failing to interrupt a minimum of 80% of their agreed amount of interruptible load of 5,000 kW or greater, an excess energy charge will be applicable. This excess energy is equal to the difference of 80% of the interruptible load minus the interrupted load. Excess energy shall be charged to the Customer at a price equal to 125% of the interruption price plus the standard rate applicable to this load.

J. Term

The minimum original contract period shall be one (1) year and shall remain in effect thereafter until either party provides to the other at least thirty (30) days previous written notice.


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